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The crabs we deliver from Alaska are harvested from the cold icy waters of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. The crabs always have a sweet, tender flavour. They’re also nutritious and low in fats.  Thanks to its delicious flavor, stunning appearance and ease of preparation, Alaska crab enjoy worldwide consumer appeal. Chinook Quality sources fresh Alaska crab during each species’ harvest season; all four species of crab are available frozen year-round.

King Crab

The Alaska King Crab delivers the “wow” factor. The largest of all crabs we offer and around the world, averaging 6 to 10 pounds each (with the record female and male weighing 10.5 and 24 pounds, respectively. The male’s leg span was nearly five feet across according to Wiki), Alaska King Crab is unmatched for its sweet flavor, rich and tender texture, and dramatic presentation.

Harvest Season: From January till March + October & November

Sourced: Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea


Snow Crab

Alaska Snow Crab is a  genus of crab recognized as one of today’s best shellfish values, thanks to its delicious flavor, stunning appearance and ease of preparation. 

Harvest Season: From January till February

Sourced: Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea

Dungeness Crab​

Alaska Dungeness Crab enjoys a connoisseur’s reputation, and is well known for its quality. It is treasured for its beautiful orange shell color, distinctive sweet flavor and tender flaky white meat.

Harvest Season: From June till December

Sourced: throughout Southeast Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska

Bairdi Crab

Also called Tanner Crab, Alaska Bairdi Crab is sweeter than Alaska King Crab, with a lighter and more delicate texture. And it’s a bit harder to come by, but lower quotas mean greater demand.

Harvest Season: From January till March

Sourced: throughout Southeast Alaska, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Bering Sea

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