Alaska’s wild salmon resource is the greatest in the world. Wild salmon thrive in Alaska’s pristine waters, their abundance and sustainability protected by law and careful management practices. Chinook Quality supports these efforts and is a Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management and Marine Stewardship Council certified supplier. We ensure that our products can be traced back to a sustainable fishery

We, Chinook Quality, source and market millions of pounds of salmon annually. Just tell us how our product will ultimately be used and we will match the best species, catch area, catch method and price to guarantee your success.

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Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye, also called Red Salmon, are highly prized for their rich flavor, deep red-orange color, superb quality and high oil content. Sockeye are several shades darker than other species, both raw and after cooking.

Harvest Season: From May till September

Sourced: throughout Alaska and British Columbia

Chum Salmon

Chum, also called Keta Salmon, is a firm textured fish with a tempting orange-pink color and delicate flavor. Chum is known for its balance of fat and oil.

Harvest Season: From June thru November

Sourced: throughout Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington

King Salmon

King, also called Chinook Salmon, is the largest and rarest of the Alaska Salmon species. King Salmon is highly valued for its color, high oil content, firm texture and succulent flesh. 

Harvest Season: Through-out the whole year

Sourced: throughout Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington

Coho Salmon

With its orange-red flesh, firm texture and delicate flavor, Coho, also called Silver Salmon, have gained wide consumer acceptance. Their size and excellent color retention properties make them popular in both frozen and smoked forms. 

Harvest Season: From June till October

Sourced: throughout Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington

Pink Salmon

Pinks, also called Humpback Salmon, are the smallest and most abundant of the Alaska Salmon species. Pinks are distinguished by their light, rosy pink-colored flesh, tender texture and delicate flavor.

Harvest Season: From June till September

Sourced: from throughout Alaska and British Columbia

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